Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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to now about christmas and the african adventure go to KlineFamilyTravels.blogspot.com
but come back and look tomaro because youv all got to see tomaros blog.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


the big and small awesome animals of Africa.
Now lets begin. Well me my mom, dad, and Jody went to somewhere called Reserve Bander.
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Hears the story

Jody was not feeling the best but she didn't feel horrible. Craig Kline (dad) wasn't here because he went to a village for one night to go watch Dr. Adamson set up the mission, Tim went to. But the only problem was he had dinner crew that means him and Lordean had to make dinner. Since he wasn't here Jody did dinner crew so she went to do it, I was on the computer, and mom was studying. A girl named Merilyn went and got mom and said Jody just fell. Mom of course said what, and went to go see what happened when she went in there a unexpectedly surprise happened she saw Jody lying on the hard tyle floor. We found out that Jody fainted and went into a deep sleep she was already having a dream of that she was on a playground. Luckily Lordean caught her head before it whacked the ground so no concussions. From then till now Jody has not felt the best she has horrible cramps and bad headaches and she threw up and the day that it happened (yeterday ) her vistion was mest up. But don't worry today she is felling better just cramps and stomach achs. At first we thought could it be malaria but we now don't think it is. If it gets worse we will get her checked for malaria. Here are some pics of the scary day. more pics coming on tomaros blog.

and after

JODY JODY!!!!!!!



Thursday, December 21, 2006

this is a pic of a little girl that was a the baby of thchief of the villige. She was 3 years old and very cute, and shy.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


As you see in thees three pics to some the IV class hurts some, and to others it bleeds as you see below.
my mom taught her fun iv class and every one got to do ivs on eachother well somthing happend to lin, and i guese she just had alot of blood in her that was the pic with the least amount of blood.

The fun island

We had many adventures at this island we went to. We were the only ones on the whole island, me my dad dania and the inturritor. We were trying to let my mom get off class so she could come. But her teacher would not let her beacause he said she had a very important week this week. So we had to go without her. It was very fun. We swam, and swam. When i got back i had a bad rash on my feet and legs elbows and neas it really itched. When my moms teacher that week came. We told him that we went to the island and he said oh its realy nice there i have been there but of corse you didnt swim in the waters did you. We said ya well then the doc said did any of you get a rash.(: So the rash was from the water. Well were not going back there.the rash is finaly is gone its been about 1 week.

are some pics.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


this is me learning french but i dont now to, much, im still learning i was up late on this night with alisha and john baptese

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hello this is taylor i am in africa right now it is so much fun but i am missing family and friends alot i will try to put up a pic next. as you all now but my mom got malera but its almost all beter shes just tierd somtimes, but not i miss you all so very much at home but must be going now to brreakfast. this is a pic of my dad in pairs and my room.
forever and always taylor anne kline